How can the sound of a moving car, the closing of a door, the jingling of car keys in curious anticipation become an experience for a whole city and not just a car enthusiast? There are unlimited posibilities in combining a random function with a carpark– but creating a space in which both functions equaly benefit from this union are a much harder task. Our concept embraces the idea of all sounds being beautiful and orchestrating these sounds into one unique soundscape of a mobile city. Within this paradigm the whole building serves as an instrument, enhancing, altering, capturing those sounds and generating a completely new playground for both sound artists or regular carpark users. In ordinary days music is generated by the cars moving through the various stories, but there are countless other possibilities of reimagining sounds and music. programming, altering, resampling, transforming sounds in unforseeable ways. John Cage used to say that „Ideas are one thing and what happens is another.“ We create a space that can be a new tool in the box of sound designers and musicians, a piece of art or simply a place to linger. The streetlevel becomes an open space, returned to the pedestrian and serving as an auditorium for the sound installation.

address 10 Av | w34 st
10199 New York, US
category commercial
competition honorable mention
state concept
project team Sebastian Haumer
Jochen Kreuter
Jakob Braun
Joscha Treeck
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