Silivri LongLiving

LongLiving is an assisted living project near Istanbul, Turkey. The goal was to create an extraordinary space for the inhabitants. Each unit consists of a living | dining room with a built in kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom and a private terrace. The terrace is a cutout from the cubic capacity and is arranged in a way, that provides indirect light throughout the day, keeping the unit cool while establishing a distant view from each accomodation. These cutouts result in the programming of the facade. The project is a top-down design, with reception, cafeteria, laundry, kitchen, medical units, recreational - and movierooms in the first two floors and rounded down with a wellness area in the lowest floor.

address Istanbul - Silivri, TR
category residential
state concept
site area 40000 m2
floor area 4006 m2
number of units 39
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